Summer is when temperatures are high, with many reaching those dreaded triple digits. The best thing you can do on the weekends is simply go to the nearest community pool, country club or your backyard pool to escape the heat.
The whole point of sitting by a pool is, ultimately, to relax. Swimming is overrated. Chilling by the pool is where things get fun. It’s the place where you can hang with your friends or doze off on a chaise longue or apply sunscreen onto the delicate shoulders of your bae ;)

PRO TIP: finding the best poolside outfit is our top priority, but the most important is to accessorize with lots of sunscreen. Make Soleil Toujours your go to weapon when it comes to sun protection. Made from the world’s safest and most sought-after natural and organic ingredients, Soleil leaves your skin protected, radiant and healthy.

When you consider the potential for a winning Instagram shot, the pressure to look your best starts to build. We’re here to help you find inspiration for the perfect poolside outfit before next canicular weekend finds you unprepared. And everyone knows that you should let accessories do the talking: hats, sandals, and sunglasses that will make a statement. Keep the sun out and rest your eyes behind a pair of luxury handmade sunglasses.

Boys, please, wear anything but a polo T-shirt when you’ve got on swimming trunks. And remember: floral prints look great with a tan.
play around with some different frame shapes this Summer. With a mission to rewrite the rule book, featuring “new wave” designs that are just as cool as they are attention grabbing. Sleek, stylish and essential, these sunnies have 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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Girls,think beyond colors and patterns and simply focus on fit. A one-piece swimsuit paired with a cover-up that can double as a dress is the perfect Summer pair.
Trends will come and go, but the a full-coverage style has stood the test of time. A pair of ’90s amber-hued lenses, square oversized frames or even a pair of shield shades - no matter the style you choose, is known fact that sunglasses can transform your look in a wink.

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PRO TIP: a pool-ready outfit doesn't always have to match, but it does have to go on and off in less than three moves ;)

Wondering if things can get better? Just wait and see. Does your ideal summer day involve lounging by a pool reading multiple novels while sipping on your fav cocktail? If yes, we’ve got you covered. Here are our pick of 3 books to devour under a parasol.

Chic Stays

Enjoy 36 personal tales of places around the globe and see the world through the eyes of your favorite models, musicians, actors and filmmakers. This book is made for those with a permanent case of wanderlust. From the crystal waters and azure skies of UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, to the lush hillsides of Sri Lanka, to the hipster hangouts of Portland, Oregon.

Mondialite: Or the Archipelagos of Edouard Glissant

This book is focusing on the globalization issue: environmental degradation and the disappearance of cultural phenomena viewed in parallel with Édouard Glissant - a key creative thinker of our time - and his concept of mondialité: a global dialogue that, as opposed to globalization, starts from local difference rather than erasing it. It’s an attempt to make us think of relation as a constitutive aspect of community.

Ibiza Bohemia

A place of contrast, Ibiza’s atmosphere is eclectic: from roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats. Bound in a silk hardcover, this book explores the scenery of Balearic cliffs, the island’s legendary cast of characters and the quintessential interiors that define Ibiza’s signature style. A place to reinvent oneself, it has served as an escape for artists for decades.



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