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Five years ago, we kicked off our GUEST CURATOR series with Ana Morodan, one of the promising local fashion and lifestyle bloggers at the time. And although it's not common for us to invite the same person twice, we thought it would be a great recap of this beautiful five-year period seen through Ana's eyes.


You grew from a young fashion blogger to an influencer, fashion IT girl, millennial countess and opinionated activist. How has this journey been so far?

It’s been one hell of a journey and I loved every minute of it, both good and bad. It’s been tough at times (and trust me, you don’t want to see me when I’m having a nervous breakdown, I’m a boogery, teared up mess), but blogging today is very different from what it was 7 years ago – when I was known as that crazy chick who kept taking photos of herself. Who’s laughing now, ey?

I’m passing a huge milestone right now, actually, by launching my new business, Morodan Shop. It’s something that I did before, but not fully commited, wholeheartedly. This time, though, I feel like it’s the natural step for me to take. It’s not something that I am pressured to do, I do not have to abide by any aesthetic rules but my own.


You have a large number of people who follow you and your digital adventures. What do you know about these people? Who are they and what do you do to maintain the relevance of content for your followers?

I know they are open minded, smart, strong and determined individuals – you know what they say, birds of the same feather flock together :) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the wonderful ladies who have been following my adventures along the years, at different events, conferences or courses and let’s just say I could spend hours and hours chatting to each and every one of them, over countless glasses of fizzy gin. They’re just as crazy (I mean fun, I swear) as I am.
As for the content, I’ve never done anything other than hand myself on a silver platter. My blog has always been about me, my ideas, my dreams, my beliefs – sure, they are constantly changing and evolving, however I’ve always been honest and very, very vocal about them. And I think that’s exactly the thing that makes my readers stick with me. Honesty and authenticity is what sex tapes were in the early 2000s. People love it, and it’s also very liberating for me.


Have you ever thought of giving up the blogging business?

I did. Blogging is fun, it can be a business, however I don’t think it can be a profitable business for the long haul. I love the creative people, the power that comes with bold self-expression and the fact that I have the opportunity to wear a different stunning dress every day. I am changing the “rules”, the stereotypes and how business is conducted in this field. But now I want The Empire and I have to start laying down the foundation.

Do you think genuine content in blogging is still possible?

I think it’s downright necessary. Non-genuine content is so passé and totally irrelevant.


Some say that the heydays of the blog have passed and that social media has taken over in terms of influencing people’s lifestyle. Do you agree with that or would you say social media just adds to the blog?

I think people who deny or refuse to accept the power of social media are silly, especially from a business standpoint. However, I love my blog – it’s the only space that will never disappear – Facebook and Instagram might disappear one morning, together with all the work and content you have on them. Either way, it’s a risk you have to take if you want to work and succeed in this industry. Adaptability is key for succeeding.

What is ‘truth’ in photography? Is there a line between truth and manufactured reality in the industry?

Truth is whatever the hell I want it to be and the only thing not manufactured is and always will be my joie de vivre.


What are the style rules you always stick to? Tell us your top three tips for embracing your individual style.

Don’t listen to that baffle and don’t take off that last accessory.
Animal print is a neutral.
Everything looks better with a glass of gin in your hand.


We know you love accessories and that you are also an eyewear aficionado, just like us! What’s your opinion on independent eyewear brands? Do you have a favorite brand from our selection of designers?

I’ve always liked being different and never having to worry about going to a party and spotting another lady with the same outfit as me. So, naturally, I love independent eyewear brands. Two of my favorites from your selection are Pawaka and Kuboraum - I feel like they give me supreme sass.


This year’s anniversary theme is ‘Endless Summer’, which is actually more than a theme, it's the spirit with which we make all things happen. How do you imagine your endless summer?

Endless summer is watching the sunset in an orangery, having time for me and my thoughts, reading about yesterday’s Bucharest.



photographer: Raluca Margescu

location: Athénée Palace Hilton