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Andreea Badala

Andreea Badala is the designer behind the cutting edge Romanian label Murmur that, ever since its launch in 2011, has beautifully managed to stand out in contemporary fashion. Throughout its existence the brand has remained consistent to the initial direction: erotic design, hand-crafted details, affordable luxury. Having a strong personality with sophisticated and alluring vibes, Murmur is definitely a brand to watch now and in the coming years.

After studying fashion design at the University of Arts in Bucharest and pattern technology at the London College of Fashion, Andreea worked for designers such as Richard Nicoll, Alexander Mcqueen, Emilio de la Morena, Maria Lucia Hohan and Venera Arapu. Such a broad experience with world renowned designers have most certainly contributed to Andreea’s vision both on fashion business and design.

Catching the attention of some of the most important celebrity stylists, Andreea has collaborated with powerful names like Madonna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Kylie Jenner. We wonder who’s going to be next. sat down with Andreea Badala and talked about her emerging into the fashion world, how she got to dress Madonna in her latest tour and, like always, our beloved sunglasses.

Andreea Badala. Photo credits: Vali Barbulescu

1) What were your thoughts behind the first Murmur collection? And how did you decide on the brand name?

I wanted to bring femininity and underwear shapes into ready-to-wear. I was in search of a name that expressed sensuality and came across this word with my friend Otilia Mihalcea. I didn’t check other options, it was perfect.

2) You’re into your 7th collection already. How do you feel the brand is perceived by customers now? And how has your relationship with the buyers evolved?

I think Murmur is still perceived as special and daring, but now buyers think we have some experience. We are always open to feedback and we learn new things every season and we try to have a close communication with our buyers.

Sneak peak into Murmur’s AW15 collection

3) Tell us everything about one of the most exciting collaborations we’ve heard of in a long while regarding a Romanian label: Murmur x Madonna. How did it start? What would you say it’s different about working with a world-class star and fashion icon?

We started working for Madonna more than one year and a half ago, we were contacted by the amazing stylist B. Akerlund. Our first project together was to create a piece for her show at the Grammy Awards in 2014. She wore a Murmur corset on stage, alongside a Ralph Lauren suit. Afterwards we produced different pieces for her press meeting and also some special corset dresses and bodysuits. It is very intense every time!This past summer we have worked an outfit for her Rebel Heart World tour. Madonna is wearing the Nun dress, from the MURMUR Roleplay, through out her world tour that is happening now.

Madonna and her crew performing in their Murmur RolePlay outfits

4) People seem to react when fashion designers endorse the house’s brand image themselves. What do you think, do you have to be the face of your brand?

I think it’s a choice and it can be a good one.
I see myself as a backstage person, but I represent the brand by default. At the end, it is my doing :)

p>5) What’s the most challenging part of the fashion business from your point of view? And what are the biggest misconceptions you discovered about being a fashion designer?

To create something special on a market overcrowded with brands and good offers. Being a fashion designer that makes it nowadays means so much more than just being a fashion designer.

Oversized gorgeousness. Andreea wears a pair of Cutler And Gross 1160 sunglasses. 

6) Creative mind or business mind? How would you prioritize the two?

Creative mind taking business decisions.

Kylie Jenner dressed in Murmur’s Sculpt leotard on her birthday sexy photo shoot.

7) Who do you think is the person / institution / movie etc. you learned the most from?

My parents for constantly upgrading their knowledge and being super optimistic and working so hard. My boyfriend for allowing me to love so much. To Alexander McQueen for my work experience and showing me how it’s done. My brand for showing me how hard it is and how much I can be able to offer without giving up.

8) If you were to move to another city, which one would you pick and why?

London, for their appreciation for originality.

Acid dreams. Andreea wears the black Temptation from DITA. 

9) What fashion items do you shop online for?

Shoes, underwear, belts, dresses, skirts, books.

10) How do you choose your sunglasses? Tell us why you think sunglasses are important for your style and outfits.

I love the 50s inspired shapes as a style and I also think that they suit my face. I think they are important because they beautifully cover the eyes and for me that creates mystery and also makes an important moment out of the gesture of taking them down. I see them as a modern veil

11) Your signature style is:

Feminine with a touch of comfortable. Retro with a hint of nowness.

12) Your favorite pair of sunglasses from our curated gallery:

Dita Magnifique Limited Edition with violet lenses.

Psychedelic Pink. Andreea’s favorite pick are the DITA Magnifique Limited Edition with violet lenses. 

Photo credits: Roxana Marcu