Domnica Margescu - sunglasscurator

Domnica Margescu

Spring is in the air and we’re embracing the feeling of joy that comes with the changing of season. For this reason we’d like to celebrate and share with you the first edition of this year’s Guest Curator series. And since we are now in the middle of fashion month, what greater guest could we have chosen other than the charismatic Domnica Margescu, Fashion Director of ELLE Romania?

Domnica in DITA Liberty sunglasses. 

With a sensational eye for all things beautiful and a truly inspiring career, Domnica Margescu is an exquisite character in the vivid world of fashion. We met with her on a sunny afternoon and talked about the passion she bestows upon her work, favorite fashion moments, the future of print magazines, George Michael and of course, about sunglasses.

When did you first know that you wanted to work in the fashion business/ELLE?

I perfectly remember the moment I knew for sure I was going to do this job. Just right after my admission exam for the Faculty of Journalism, I met Gabriela Santighian who was a stylist in Germany. At that time she was a collaborator for Vogue Germany and a few TV channels in Munich. She invited me to stay with her over a month’s period and assist in the projects she had at that time. It was Gabriela who first told me that the job would fit me perfectly, due to its dynamic pace and abundant creativity. Well, after just a few weeks I actually went to Munich! And it was one of the most beautiful experiences from which I learned a lot, but most importantly I was thought what it means “to style”. As soon as I got back to Bucharest, I sent my CV to the few fashion magazines that existed in the 1999-2000s here. I was very lucky to get my first job at Exces magazine, then followed by 20ANI, VIVA, Olivia, LOOK and, finally, ELLE!

Domnica wears a pair of Massada ‘Tokyo Story‘ frames. 

What do you think are the main stereotypes and misconceptions regarding the fashion industry and magazine industry in particular?

I love the world of fashion and I love magazines! Fashion is continuously changing, there’s always something new, it never gets boring. For me, personally, fashion has no cliches; on the contrary, there are always so many new ideas that you can barely keep up with. But if I were to mention a cliché, I would probably say that most of the time designers create for the perfect silhouette, for the ideal female model, and such creations and concepts don’t always work for the normal (average) woman silhouettes.

Bold statement with a pair of KUBORAUM ‘Mask B2 BT Gold‘ sunnies. 

What do you feel are the biggest changes that have taken place in the fashion world in the past 10 years (the digital era)?

I feel that everything has changed since the 2000s, when I first started working in fashion. Fashion photography has changed both in terms of technique and in terms of the approach photographers and editors have taken on fashion. 10-15 years ago there was no concept of retouching, at least not in Romania, and photos where to be developed in order to be published. I think, in general, fashion has become more accessible, it’s not so exclusive anymore. With the explosion of social media, anyone can see everything! The fashion shows that a few years ago were not available to the general public, but only to a select few – mostly journalists and influential customers or celebrities- are now broadcasted in real time over the internet! Ultimately it’s a good thing, as people have access to more and more information from the fashion world. Another major change is that borders were opened, and the communication between designers, fashion editors, celebrities and magazines is much easier to maintain. Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that Elle France will buy a cover from Elle Romania or that our team would produce photo shoots in New York or Tokyo?

Dries Van Noten 66 frames. 

What’s your view on the transition towards digital magazines? Do you think that the rise of digital press will ever make print publications out-dated?

I’ve been hearing this theory for the past 10 years – that print will disappear, and yet this does not seem to happen. All fashion magazines have an online presence that follows the offline editorial plan, so in fact they will co-exist also in the future! Printed magazines still have their place and their clientele. Sure they lost some public who migrated online. But for the moment the magazine content is more valuable than the online content. Good magazines have the best editorial teams who filter the flood of information, and thus the reader has access to curated quality content. In online you must filter through the information yourself. I don’t think magazines will necessarily disappear in the near future, but I also, would’t exclude this hypothesis in a more distant future. Unfortunately!

Golden Strokes, with Linda Farrow 292 frames. 

Who are some of your favorite people in the industry, and how did they influence you?

Carine Roitfeld and Grace Coddington are two personalities that I’ve been following for 15 years and whose visions I always find fascinating. Grace Coddington directed the most spectacular and complex fashion stories inspired by movies, novels or interesting eras and Carine Roitfeld is the one that brought the erotic, yet discreet, air in fashion.

Any words of wisdom for the next generation of fashion editors?

Always have their eyes wide open, recognize a chance and make sure not to miss it. Build a visual culture, study at as many fashion editorials from our times and from the past.

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years, we bet you have witnessed many incredible moments. What would you say has been your ultimate fashion moment?

An absolutely impressive moment was during last season at New York Fashion Week, when I had the privilege to attend the spring /summer 2016 Givenchy show, a moment when Ricardo Tisci celebrated 10 years as a designer for the established fashion house. It all took place on one of the most emblematic Hudson River pontoons. Marina Abramovic, friend and muse to Tisci, was the one who put everything in scene: the scenography was made entirely out of recycled materials and designed to look like a Brazilian favela. Abramovic also directed a true art performance. All these happened at sunset, which made everything look magical! The show started with Mariacarla Boscono and ended with Raquel Zimmerman, while the Ave Maria psalm was being performed live! It was a magical moment, a moment that will remain in history.

Name 3 people who’s style you love most and why.

Sarah Rutson for her perfect style, classic with a twist. Carine Roitfeld for that discreet eroticism that she always exudes through her personal style. Giovanna Battaglia for the fearlessness with which she mixes pieces from completely different areas.

photo credits: Sarah,; Carine, ELLE UK, Giovanna,

Is there a thing that one should not wear to an interview with you?

A skirt too short mixed with too high high heels!

Sassy rounds, small and yet bold, the Massada ‘Sleeper IT’ sunglasses suit Domnica perfectly. 

What’s your advice to those who love to shop, but also love smart shopping? How should they create their wardrobe?

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself, with your own style and the clothes you wear. A wardrobe is built in time, so you can have the opportunity to find unique and interesting pieces. I for one do not believe that one must invest in super-statement pieces that are easily recognized. Of those pieces you will get bored the fastest and you will wear them canadian cialis the rarest. Instead, those perfectly cut classic pieces can have a long life in your wardrobe.

Your signature style is:

Classic with a twist!

Metallic hued, as Domnica casually sports a pair of Cutler And Gross ‘1200’ frames. 

If you could wear one thing only for the rest of your citrato de sildenafil life, what would it be?

Menswear inspired shoes and white shirts!

How do you choose your sunglasses? What’s the most important criteria?

Sunglasses are an extremely important accessory, viagra pill cutter they complete your outfit. You can never have too many! Obviously, sunglasses should have a shape that suits my face and they should have something distinctive. That is… if I don’t choose a pair of aviators. I always have an extra pair of aviators on me! :)) Over the past years, sunglasses have grown to be an essential accessory that can improve or ruin your outfit.

Domnica’s favorite style is the Aviator. Here she wears a pair of Victoria Beckham ‘VBS90‘ sunnies. 

Which is your favorite piece from and why?

KUBORAUM Mask M6. I like them because they are both retro and futurist. I don’t need any other accessory!

With a sculptural frame made of two shades of Accetate KUBORAUM’ s ‘Mask M6‘ sunglasses are Domnica’s personal choice. 

Ending on a musical note… Which is your favorite music video, fashion-wise?

It may sound cliché but no fashion infused music video got stuck in my mind more than George Michael’s ‘Freedom’. Linda, Naomi, Christy are absolutely sublime!

Photo credits: Andreea Goia; Location: Iconic Food Wine & Design