GIOVANNA BATTAGLIA - sunglasscurator


Giovanna Battaglia is the modern embodiment of Italian glamor. She’s a fashion editor, stylist, muse and the darling of street style photographers and bloggers everywhere. For this edition of Style Eyecon we chose Battaglia as she embodies a refreshing mix of beauty and style, passion and knowledge. She also has an obviously soft spot for eyewear, from mainstream to luxury independent eyewear designers & brands like Dita Eyewear and Spektre.

Born in Milan, Giovanna Battaglia began her career as a model and muse for Dolce and Gabbana, a job she parlayed into the styling and editing jobs that followed. Since then there was no stopping for the courageous fashionista, as she worked at various Vogues from German and Chinese Vogue to L'Uomo Vogue, at Garage Magazine and Exit. Currently, she’s contributing Fashion Editor at W Magazine, Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Japan and the Creative Director of the Queen of the Night, the lavish cabaret located in the newly revamped Diamond Horseshoe nightclub at the Paramount Hotel near Times Square. She’s the poster girl for all aspiring fashionable girls everywhere.                                GIOVANNA IN DITA EYEWEAR "HURRICANE" 

Fashion tip #1: "Glamor, fun and elegance!– Giovanna Battaglia for Vogue Italia

Giovanna Battaglia is not your everyday street style diva wearing the IT piece from the runway. Instead her appeal and fabulous allure lies in the understated, a sort of "Dolce Vita" for the modern girl that never tries too hard and exudes a bubbly personality.

Giovanna in DITA Eyewear "Believer" 

Her personal style is all about individuality as she always makes sure to put her own stamp on anything she wears. Whether it’s animal print, a great belt or stacks of jewelry, embroidery or crystals, a fabulous bag or another pair of to-die-for shoes and the most exquisite pieces of eyewear, her fashion sense makes no mistakes. You can well say that she’s making fashion as she’s reporting on it.

Giovanna in DITA Eyewear "Sunbird" 

When it comes to sunglasses she’s the same courageous spirit that never ceases to experiment on shapes and colors. From classy and feminine cat eyes, to playful mirrored lenses and iconic aviator frames, Giovanna is the perfect example on how sunglasses have exceeded their practical status and became the perfect personal staple, weather your blending them in your outfits or you make them the star of your look.