JUSTIN O'SHEA - sunglasscurator


Stylish beard, sunglasses, tattoos, waistcoats, tailored suits, short sleeved shirts and black skinny jeans. We're talking about Justin O'Shea, known to the fashion world for being the Buying Director of MyTheresa.com and boyfriend to Veronika Heilbrunner, the site’s senior fashion editor.
Mister O’Shea is the perfect blend of fashion and masculinity. A real trend setter, he mixes up casual and formal outfits depending on his mood. What we love the most about him, is that he has a bad boy vibe about him, but he also dresses like a true gentleman.

Regularly attired in slim three-piece suits, with tattoos peaking out from under his shirt sleeves, Justin O’Shea is one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion world. Even more, he is the proud owner of a contradictory resumé: mines truck driver in native Australia, stylist for the British band Snow Patrol, pearl dealer in the South Pacific, and finally, after a few stops in Amsterdam, London and Kuwait, Buying Director for MyTheresa in Munich.

His rebellious and intimidating vibe comes directly from his self-perception. He is rarely seen without glasses and is often sporting a beard, paired with perfecty coifed hair.

"Sunglasses are something I can’t be without. I feel more comfortable wearing them." - Justin O'Shea

As we all know, sunglasses don’t only serve a practical purpose, but they can really pull together a sleek personal style, like Justin’s. He always goes for classic frames- sunglasses that are a MUST HAVE time and again. With a keen sens of style, Justin goes for minimalist design elements, combined with more traditional colors- ovals, rectangles, and rounds usually make for his favorite frame shapes.