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Who's Brad Pitt? We bet that you already know the answer! But if you are one of those people living under a rock, William Bradley Pitt was born on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Early on in his career he earned his living by driving strippers in limos, moving fridges and dressing up as a giant chicken. And if none of these are ringing any bells, you may know him from such films as Fight Club, Interview with the vampire, Meet Joe Black or Once upon a time in Hollywood. Since 1987, when Brad Pitt first stepped onto the big screen, we have watched him grow from an uncredited actor to a heartthrob and beyond.

He is a fashion icon and throughout the years, Pitt's sunglasses style has evolved, making him a worthy style eyecon. Whether it's in the movies, on the red carpet or in his casual day-to-day outfits, there's no doubt Brad Pitt is pure cool, which can be credited for his choice in sunglasses.

During the late 1980s, his off-duty style revolved around showing some skin in muscle shirts, washed-out jeans and sneakers. When it was time to dress in formal wear, he would often choose the comfort of a black leather jacket, loose trousers and a basic white shirt. Other keywords: fedora hats, vests and chunky boots.

The 1990s were all about contrasts: from sexxy clothing styles to those that were a little more casual and free. This was also the time when he appeared preppy when on the arm of Gwyneth Paltrow or sophisticated when with Jennifer Aniston.

The 2000s came and his attire was part businessman and a lot of casual mixed together. It was the time when Pitt settled into his own style, a style that he maintained throughout dating Angelina Jolie and beyond.

Closing in with the 2010s when he confirms once more that he is all about the sleazy-chic vibe, more so than trendy or flashy, picking outfits that are way too comfortable and stylish as hell. Brad Pitt is the one who has truly proved that style has no age limit.

This whole time he rocked all kinds of frames, proving himself an eyewear chameleon: from Wayfarers to aviators, narrow ovals to perfect rounds, silver mirrors or light tinted gradient lenses - he has a face suited for all kinds of frame shapes.

Plenty of heartthrobs have come and gone, but Pitt remains a constant; as the years have progressed, his shining star status has never dimmed. Brad Pitt embodies a sense of personal style that is simultaneously comfortable, easy and just the right amount of interesting. On the scene since the '80s, Pitt has embodied every type of leading man onscreen and been as adventurous when it comes to his off-duty wardrobe. He is the man who famously proved time and again that a six-pack can be your best accessory.

Featuring photos from GQ and Rolling Stone magazines.