CARINE ROITFELD - sunglasscurator


Carine Roitfeld is the perfect example of French elegance and STYLE EYECON OF THE MONTH for our October edition as we would like to state our fondness for her effortlessly chic appearances that leave us speechless every time.

‘ I only have one fashion personality – which I would describe as somber and almost classically Parisian. She is tough, my woman. It's important to have a sense of humor about dressing, so I always add a twist to my outfits.’ -

We can define Carine's signature style as ladylike with a modern twist. Everything is put together without looking over the top. Her wardrobe essentials are shirts paired with pencil skirts, impeccably cut dresses and beautiful fur coats accessorized with lace up heels, minimal jewelry and oversized sunglasses. Her signature smoky eyes and sleek hairdo complete her Parisian look.


Like her personal style, Roitfeld's work is fierce and daring. In the fashion industry, saying something is "very Carine" denotes the highest praise. We love the unconventional way she uses humor to deflate fashion’s tasteless tendencies and sexuality to disturb its conservatism. This is what makes Roitfeld’s work so exciting and powerful.

Carine Roitfeld grew up in Paris and began her career as a model. She eventually became a writer and a respected stylist for French Elle, but she didn’t get her break trough until she met Mario Testino in 1990. Something clicked and she started working with the now world acclaimed photographer. They were a team for American and French Vogue, Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2001 she was approached by Conde Nast to edit Vogue Paris. After ten controversial years at  Vogue, she left the magazine to concentrate on more personal projects. In 2011, she confirmed the rumors that she was working on her own magazine, CR Fashion Book. She was the subject of a fashion documentary launched in 2013: “Mademoiselle C”. At the present, Roitfeld is also the international fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar.


Carine Roitfeld is a woman of consistency; she knows what suits her best and how to use her styling skills to her advantage. Yet she always dares to experiment with different textures and interpretations of her fashion whims. This attitude is best reflected in the sunglasses styles she chose to wear over the years. She’s confident in her choices which makes her every public appearance become clear lessons of style and attitude.


From  sharp aviators to statement sunglasses, Carine is all about distinctive styles, displaying a perfect play on relaxed vs. formfitting silhouettes. She knows how to set herself apart with a pair of  edgy aviator sunglasses and she’s powerful enough to built an outfit around a bold pair of oversized shades. Carine Roitfeld, is one of the few women who can pull off large sunglasses with ease. Quite often Roitfeld inserts a futuristic edge into her looks.