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There are a few people in history who are universally understood to be a style icon and Princess Diana is one of them, as her impact on fashion cannot be overstated.
What puts her in a different league from other royals? Princess Diana’s true sense of style came through when she was spotted in her off-duty looks, being her most comfortable, the most like herself, proving that she really was The People's Princess.

One of the most lush trendsetters to ever grace the royal family, her presence shook up the monarchy, while her looks challenged everything we knew about the royals forever, wearing a crown with just as much ease and poise and as she did a baseball cap.
She often stepped out in casual outfits crowned with effortless swagger that ruffled many feathers at the time.

Since eyewear is our soft spot, we couldn’t notice that Princess Diana's sunglasses choices are one of the most memorable elements of the royal’s always effortless wardrobe. She was on top of all the eyewear trends: from big, colorful frames and chic oval shades.

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Still, her signature choice were aviator sunglasses in all possible interpretations. She enjoyed the aviator’s heavy masculine style, which, surprisingly, really suited her delicate features.

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As we‘re looking back at some of the most iconic sunglass moments of the Princess of Wales, admired by many not only for her kind nature, her philanthropic ventures but for her fashion-forwardness too, we cannot help but say that she was a STYLE EYECON.