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Andreea Macri

We’re ending the guest curator series of this year on a high note, as you were probably expecting, with an exciting feature of Andreea Macri a well-known fashion photographer with a constant presence at the Parisian fashion shows. Andreea’s latest work involved Behind-the-Scenes photo shoots for Rick Owens that were published on‘s print magazine, in addition to full show sessions for established houses like Chanel, Dior, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Viktor & Rolf, Kenzo, or new comers like Jacquemus. Such sessions have been commissioned directly by the brands and by some of the most relevant magazines in the industry (Harper’s Bazaar UK, Industrie Magazine, The Last Magazine, Carine Roitfeld Fashion Book, Elle Collections to name a few).

Moreover, she collaborated with Imran Amed of Business Of Fashion for the Paris event “Polymaths & Multitaskers” this fall, as well as with Carine Roitfeld Fashion Book for PFW backstage photography. Thus if you’re in awe of such amazing achievements, you’re completely right.

After meeting Andreea, we discovered she passes on her real life charm and authenticity to picturing those great moments she encounters. Her photography’s purpose is not how to best show beauty, but rather a reflection on attitude and emotions. Before going further with our Q&A, make sure to take a look at the amazing backstage photography from Balmain SS15 show or Ackermann SS15 runway shots.

One December (unfortunately, gloomy) day, we sat down and talked to Andreea about her photographer path, how is it to be part of the hectic atmosphere at the runaways during Fashion Week in Paris and sunglasses, bien sur.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been a photographer for 7 years.

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How would you describe your style as a photographer?

A reportage photographer.

You have been commissioned to work in many fashion shows. How is it to work with big fashion houses and fashion magazines? What’s the energy in front and behind the scenes?

First of all it is an honor to be commissioned and every project adds important bricks to my experience. Basically I got the chance to work with fashion industry’s best, so you always learn something new. Plus you get to know and understand the trends and how they make the best out of them.

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You work on a personal project called “From behind”. It is very sexy and expressive. What’s the idea behind it?

It’s my dearest part of my work, I love to shoot people from behind. I think sometimes a person captured from behind can say as much as from the front. Plus I get to reach faster my goal of the photo – to capture the hidden part of the subject.

All time favorite photo?

O photo from the Christian Dior couture show, back when John Galliano was the house’s designer. From the rest I don’t have preferences. I love them all because they remind me of the experiences I’ve been through all these years.

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera, what would you photograph?

I wouldn’t like to be invisible for my subjects. I would like them to be so relaxed that they would forget about the camera.

Tell us about one of the icons from the past that you would have loved to shoot.

I don’t have any nostalgia regarding icons from the past. I think the past is the past. I like to shoot people from the present and their connections with the others, with the world.

What do you think are some clichés in fashion photography you are trying to dodge away?

I never thought about this. What I avoid doing is trying to satisfy the others. I try to stay true to the same type of photography and to be my own critic. I don’t really care if my photo is appreciated or not by others. And I think a photo is good or bad, I don’t weigh it as a cliché or if it is in current trends etc.

The first photographer that comes to your mind and why?

Elliott Erwitt. He is funny, he transmits a certain warmth and a sense of normality that I really like.

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We recently read you like Seinfeld, what is your favorite moment/episode?

More anything? More everything!

What would you have been, if not a photographer?

I would have liked to be a singer.

Do you shop online? What is the most frequent item you get online?

I tried it two times and I completely failed. I’m lucky my husband is passionate about this and he orders stuff for me. I find it too complicated and it makes me miss a dear ritual. In your case, for example, visiting a charming showroom, having a cup of tea, trying so many pairs and taking the hard decision of choosing only one. It is an experience that I would never want to replace with a click. But maybe being neighbors also helps :)

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Tell us why you think sunglasses are important for your style and outfits.

I have a lot of pairs of glasses, I love their design. I love object design. I look at them as small artworks, some of them I really would like have in my collection. However I find it difficult to integrate them in my daily outfits. Especially when I’m shooting :)

How do you choose your sunglasses? What’s the main criteria?

To have a pleasant lens. I think light is one of the most important parts of human life and of photography. Then of course the shape. I’m pretty old school and I don’t have a very common face shape. So it is hard to find the right pair but I’m very happy when I find one.

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Your signature style is:

Classic, minimalist.

Which is your favorite piece from

The Row.

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Please associate your selected sunglasses with a song.

Any song from Pharrell.

Photos taken by Roxana Marcu in Madame Pogany, Bucharest